JB Segal: Massachusetts Justice Of The Peace

JB Segal, Justice Of The Peace JB Segal, Justice Of The Peace, in his more
respectable look JB Segal, Justice Of The Peace, in action.
I am a Massachusetts Justice Of The Peace, appointed (8/16/'06).

I'm SGLBTQ/alternative-lifestyle friendly.
Interfaith? No problem. No faith? No problem. Same faith? Well, I have no religious certifications to solemnize, but if you're ok with that, and are just looking for a secular ceremony, no problem.

The maximum fee for a JP officiating at a wedding is set by Massachusetts law (MGL c.262 s.35) at $150 ($100 if the wedding takes place in Somerville).
There is no charge for travel unless parking fees are involved.
I recommend we have an initial meeting to get acquainted and to figure out if you're interested in working with me. You should be comfortable with your officiant. We can do this on the phone, if you'd like.
My fee for attending and assisting with a rehearsal is $125. Thus, my total fee can range from $100 to a maximum of $275.
However, if you're unable to afford even $100, talk to me. I'd much prefer you get married than not. :)

The Massachusetts Justice Of The Peace Association has a brief FAQ Page about getting married by a JP in MA.

Contact me via email at: jp-at-lse-dot-org (this is not a mailto: link to lessen the amount of incoming spam I receive. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.) or by phone on 617 642 3936 from 11a-8pm

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From Monty Python's Flying Circus, Episode 19.
Used without permission, but with much love.
Colour code: John Cleese - Michael Palin - Eric Idle - Graham Chapman - Terry Jones - Terry Gilliam - Carol Cleveland

... Animation sketch. Then cut to a large sign saying 'Registry Office ', 'Marriages' etc. A man is talking to the registrar.
First Man Er, excuse me, I want to get married.
Registrar I'm afraid I'm already married, sir.
First Man Er, no, no. I just want to get married.
Registrar I could get a divorce, I suppose, but it'll be a bit of a wrench.
First Man Er, no, no. That wouldn't be necessary because...
Registrar You see, would you come to my place or should I have to come to yours, because I've just got a big mortgage.
First Man No, no, I want to get married here.
Registrar Oh dear. I had my heart set on a church wedding.
First Man Look, I just want you to marry me... to...
Registrar I want to marry you too sir, but it's not as simple as that. You sure you want to get married?
First Man Yes. I want to get married very quickly.
Registrar Suits me, sir. Suits me.
First Man I don't want to marry you!
Registrar There is such a thing as breach of promise, sir.
First Man Look, I just want you to act as registrar and marry me.
Registrar I will marry you sir, but please make up your mind. Please don't trifle with my affections.
First Man I'm sorry, but...
Registrar That's all right, sir. I forgive you. Lovers' tiff. But you're not the first person to ask me today. I've turned down several people already.
First Man Look, I'm already engaged.
Registrar (agreeing and thinking) Yes, and I'm already married. Still we'll get round it.
Second Man (entering) Good morning. I want to get married.
Registrar I'm afraid I'm already marrying this gentleman, sir.
Second Man Well, can I get married after him?
Registrar Well, divorce isn't as quick as that, sir. Still, if you're keen.
Third Man (entering) I want to get married, please.
Registrar Heavens, it's my lucky day, isn't it. All right, but you'll have to wait until I've married these two, sir.
Third Man What, those two getting married... Nigel What are you doing marrying him?
Registrar He's marrying me first, sir.
Third Man He's engaged to me.
Fourth Man (big and butch) Come on, Henry.
Registrar Blimey, the wife.
Second Man Will you marry me?
Fourth Man I'm already married.
Cut to a photo of all five of them standing happily outside a house.
Voice Over Well, things turned out all right in the end, but you musn't ask how 'cos it's naughty. They're all married and living quite well in a council estate near Dulwich.